Types of Commercial Roofs

There are all types of commercial roofs. Below we have listed the many kinds that you can chose from based on your needs. You can also visit our Press Page or our Blog Posts to get more valuable information.

commercial flat-roof systems

Asphalt Roofs

Types of commercial roofsThis is the most traditional of commercial roofs. It is made up of hot asphalt and often covered with gravel.  However, there are more advanced forms of materials that do not require a gravel coating.  If not applied properly it can be difficult to create a proper seal at all seams and connection points. Improper installation can cause many roofs to leak early on requiring more maintenance and repairs.

Asphalt roof material was fairly inexpensive in the past but has been increasing in terms of cost over the years due to the price of oil.  This type of commercial roof will typically last 10 to 25 years or more if properly maintained. 

Rubber or EPDM

types of commercial roofsEPDM is made mostly of flat synthetic rubber pieces that are welded together at the seams to form one continuous membrane. This material resists expansion and contraction and reflects UV rays. Even though this type of material is light and thin, it is attached directly to the roof decking which eliminates the need for gravel or weight to hold it down. This type of roof can last up to 25 years or more if maintained properly but many factors including but not limited to weather, sun exposure, application, decking, roof slope, and traffic on the roof.

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Thermoplastic Membranes

types of commercial roofsThe most common material used for this commercial roof is TPO although there are others available such as PVC.  TPO sheets are typically white which helps to reflect sun rays and are made with flame retardants, UV absorbers for those rays not deflected, and other properties to increase longevity of the material.  It can be fully adhered to the roof decking, mechanically fastened or ballasted.  Depending on the application and amount of flashing detail on the roof the TPO roof can be the most cost effective.  This type of roof will last quite some time.

Modified Bitumen

Modifiied bitumen is an evolution of asphalt roofing and is also referred to as APP or SBS.  It is made from asphalt with a mineral-based wear surface and a variety of modifiers and solvents.  Modified bitumen roofing materials resist expansion and contraction.  There are several ways of connecting pieces of this material. In a torch application process the sheets are heated to melt the asphalt together and create a seal. Also, a cold-applied adhesive application process, and some self-adhesive forms of this system. Another application of this material is done with hot asphalt.  In terms of material this can be slightly more expensive than the other materials available.  


types of commercial roofsA metal roof comes in a variety of materials such as coated galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, lead, tin, and more.  Metal roofs are durable in colder climates and nowadays the material is normally recycled.  Insulation application is an important factor to consider because metal roofs are conductors of high heat.  Maintenance is essential as metal is susceptible to rust and due to the rising costs of precious metal it may also be susceptible to metal thieves.  There are several types of coatings that can extend the life of a metal roof such as anti-rust, waterproofing, and heat reflective coatings.  These roofs can vary in cost largely dependent on the material but have the same life expectancy of other roof types.

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