Milan, IL Commercial Roof Cleaning and Maintenance

Extending the life of your commercial roof is largely based on proper maintenance and care.

How often you should clean and maintenance your roof depends on:

  • type of roof
  • location
  • warranty expectations
  • weather conditions

Roof Maintenance for Warranty Coverage

Almost all roof warranties require maintenance done by a certified contractor to comply with warranty guidelines. Therefore, we recommend a roof inspection for commercial roof at least semi-annually.

Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips

Inspections are best done in the spring after the roofing system has been exposed to harsh winter conditions and in the fall after the heat of summer. It is also a good idea to inspect for damage after severe weather conditions such as:

  • Hailstorms
  • Heavy rains
  • High winds

How to check your roof

  • Remove debris such as leaves, small branches, dirt, and rocks from the roof surface.
  • Clean gutters, down spouts, and drains so that water does not accumulate on the roof surface.
  • Inspect flashings and valleys for rust, damage, and proper sealing.
  • Check all areas of the roof such as masonry, counter flashing, caulking, mortar joints, and stone or tile coping.
  • Investigate roof edges for any lifting material as wind damage often occurs in these areas.
  • Examine roof top equipment such as air conditioners, coolers, antennas, or any other protrusions for leaking because it can cause damage to the roof.
  • Look for any structural movement that could cause cracks and other damage to the roof.
  • If needed apply protective coatings; any cracked, flaking, or blistered areas should be recoated.
  • Always avoid unnecessary roof top traffic.

Call Xtreme to keep your roof healthy

Xtreme Xteriors, is an accredited contractor with most commercial roofing manufacturers. Our certified technicians can assist you with roof cleaning & maintenance to comply with warranty standards as well as insurance claims. Contact us for any questions or a free estimate on commercial roof maintenance.

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