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How to know it’s time for a new roof

All roofs eventually wear out and need to be replaced. It is important to get the full life expectancy out of your roof. However, you also don’t want to wait too long as you may end up with costly repairs that can add up over time and may outweigh the cost of a roof replacement. We can help you get the timing right by assessing your roof and identifying early signs of roof failure.

Your roof may be good shape overall, for this reason a spot repair makes perfect sense. But if there are signs that the roof is wearing out and repairs are becoming more frequent, replacing it may be a more practical choice. Inspecting the your roof at least once a year will help you to maintain the longevity of your roof and help you to detect any issues. Early signs of trouble include:

  • Discoloration from water on ceilings or walls
  • Bubbling or peeling paint
  • Damp spots on masonry or walls
  • Cracked caulk or holes on roof surface or flashing
  • Holes or blistering in roof material
  • Worn areas around roof protrusions

Commercial Roofing Experts

For over 10 years Xtreme Xteriors has been replacing all types of commercial roofing systems throughout the Milan, IL area, including flat roofs, rubber roofs and metal roofs. We are also experts in copper work, structural repairs, planned maintenance, storm repairs, and roof restoration.

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