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Are you beginning to see signs of wear and tear on your homes roof? Sun, debris, and storms all reduce your roof’s durability and strength. A compromised roof leaves your home vulnerable to extensive damage. Eventually, you’ll have to get a roof replacement and when and you do, rely on Xtreme Xteriors, Inc. for help.

When hiring a roofing contractor, we suggest that there are several things to consider during the process

  • Most importantly is “Are They a Local Contractor?”, have they just come to the Quad Cities for the work related to the many hail storms that frequent our communities, and then do cheap work and leave?
  • Can they provide General Liability Insurance? If so, show me.
  • Are they a licensed roofing contractor in your community? Ask for the license number.
  • What are the various organizations the local roofing contractor belong to? BBB? Chamber of Commerce? How Long?
  • Is their place of business, a physical location? Does someone pick up the phone when you call? How long have they been a part of the community?
  • References are always important.
  • Do they give you a proposal with a detailed list of the products supplied and the work preformed?

The Quad Cities is a great place to live and work. TRUST in the QUALITY of a local Milan, IL roofing contractor such as us to provide you with a home roof that will give you the PEACE of MIND that you deserve.


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Xtreme did such a great job with our roof replacement on our home. They were very quick to respond and were able to complete the job in one day. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get a residential roof replacement.

Lisa K.

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