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Factors that cause roof leaks

When it comes to commercial roof repairs there are many factors that can cause leaks or need for repair. Finding the source of a leak can be easy or very difficult. It’s important to address the source of the leak as it can lead to significant damage. The source of a roof leak may not always be the direct result of one specific problem associated with your roof. Even at times the location of the leak is not near the source which can cause frustration for an untrained professional. Factors that can cause leaks are:

Improper roof installation – This includes everything from structural issues, material application, flashing detail, curbs, soil pipes, valleys, dormers, and any other roof protrusion.

Age – Over time all roofing materials deteriorate and have a limited life expectancy.

Slope – The slope of the roof determines whether water will accumulate on the roof surface. Excess water that is not allowed to evaporate is a perfect environment for moss and fungus to grow. This can lead to a degradation of the integrity of the roofing material.

Weather – Storms with high winds, snow, and hail can cause damage to roofing as well as sun exposure and UV rays.

Roof drains and gutters – With flat roofs it is essential to keep roof drains and gutters free of debris. If you have a clog and water is trapped on the roof and not allowed to evaporate it can pool. Standing water can lead to a degradation of the roofing material integrity.

Emergencies, Warranties and Insurance

Unforeseeable situations occur like sudden storms and cause extensive roof damage. Insurance can help cover the cost of repairs but it is important to remember that you are still responsible for limiting the damage. Minimizing interior damage is important as well as keeping your building safe for employees and customers.

Warranties are often given with terms and conditions that the owner must adhere to. Proper maintenance, record keeping, and inspections are standard for commercial roofing warranties. Keep in mind that your insurance or warranty may not cover problems that arise from a lack of maintenance or an aging roof and it is important to address commercial roof repairs as soon as possible.

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